Podio’s Promise

Despite possessing a commercial flair, we are technically part of broader Lancashire-based social enterprise Global Amigos. Podio Preston is supported by approximately ten local community members; we aren’t in receipt of, nor have we ever applied for, any type of funding. We believe in using business as a tool for good and commit to the following aims:

To offer work experience & training

To support & promote Preston activity

To only ever publish positive articles

To celebrate Preston’s diverse communities

A platform for Preston business,
charities & community members.

A timeline of development – Our story

Podio, in Spanish, means platform; the idea being we celebrate only good news and provide a platform for only decent and inspiring individuals. The concept was a reaction to negative articles about our founder’s hometown, Preston, which always flagged up online when he was living in Nicaragua. Prior to leaving Central America, Andy registered Global Amigos with the UK Government and went on to launch Podio Preston the following year.

In the time that followed, Preston creatives, social entrepreneurs and people without employment, got in touch to get on board – creating an eclectic mix of team members. The Podio brand continues to be owned by Andy’s life-loving social enterprise, Global Amigos but, in 2018, Positively Preston CIC was formed as a way for the fab Preston team to run with and benefit from the project locally after Andy announced he’d be leaving the UK again (this time for Thailand)

It’s been a beautiful ride at Podio HQ and, will no doubt, continue to be one. Contributors come from all walks of life but each share one passion: to develop a positive multimedia resource which refuses to give in to negativity. From Global Amigos’ perspective, Podio is a tool to empower volunteers; to build confidence and to instill a sense of community and activism.

If you’d like to get involved with Podio Preston or indeed, learn about launching your own digital / print version, get in touch. (Preparations are already being made to launch a Podio Bangkok)

Andy Neale – Podio Magazine founder / editor of Podio Preston.

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