“So talented” Anna Kennedy OBE

With it being Christmas, we thought we would feature a talented father and son duo from Preston.  They use music to combat their mental health issues and combine the aggression of metal and the verbal skills of hip-hop with the energy of youth and the experience of age. Stage name: FMA + 12 Gage, they are in fact a father and son rap duo who we first came across at a business event at UCLan.

Part of Autism’s Got Talent 2017, they have been described as an act unlike any other. They unveiled their long-awaited debut album, Parental Advisory during the Autumn at The Continental.

In our opinion, here at Podio HQ, their music is poetry – the CD case alone is a work of art; true, local artists.

Their album can be downloaded at www.fma12gage.bandcamp.com/

Follow them on socials: www.facebook.com/FMA12Gage/ and www.twitter.com/Fma12Gage

“The father and son of unholy flows spit with a unique, roughly-hewn, Prestonian intensity” – Tom O’Boyle, Metal Hammer