About Podio Preston

“At the heart of our existence is the determination to celebrate the good in Preston & to getting more customers through the doors of those who support us.”

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Spring 2019

Copy deadline: 20.02.2019
Distribution from: 11.03.2019

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Picking up a Podio

Podio Preston is available both as a published freely-distributed magazine and as an online e-magazine. If you don’t receive one through your letterbox, you can grab a hard copy from our street team, at an event we may be supporting or from one of many city centre vendors. You can also view previous editions online – here

Marketing opportunities

Advertising revenue secures & increases print numbers for future editions. The branding rights & digital platforms belong to Global Amigos. However, the guys now powering our work are currently transforming into a volunteer-led Community Interest Company; securing our future should our Founder, Andy, choose not to return from Thailand.