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“We couldn’t believe how fast our impact was in the magazine – nearly 100 new people walked through our doors within the first week alone”

- Conrad Carter, Cuppa Caffe, St George's Shopping Centre.

Whether you’re a large enterprise, or a small independent start up, we are dedicated to celebrating the good promotions & services you offer. Get in touch today to see what opportunities we have available – to help get more customers through your doors. Note: space is limited in our physical publications as we insist on balancing good content with relevant adverts – so do get in touch sooner rather than later. We do also provide online advertising opportunities.

Bespoke Opportunity

Partner with Podio

Feature in future editions to grow your brand awareness & customer base throughout 2019.

In addition to your organisation being physically placed into Preston’s hand, you can also enjoy online promotion, social media engagements & links from our partner websites (just ask!). No VAT | No hidden fees.

Tell us your budget & we can get to work

Schedule - Guidance only *is likely to change*

Spring 2019

Copy deadline: 28.02.2019
Distribution from: 25.03.2019

Summer 2019

Copy deadline: 12.05.19
Distribution from: 07.06.19

Autumn 2019

Copy deadline: 12.08.2019
Distribution from: 14.09.19

Winter 2019

Copy deadline: 28.10.19
Distribution from: 01.12.19

Advertising your business

Below are the three most popular advertising options in our free seasonal magazine. We love to create bespoke packages and marketing campaigns, both in print & online, that exceed your needs whilst being within a budget you dictate.

No matter where in Preston you are or what size your enterprise, get in touch.

Street Team Distribution

Our team personally hand this conveniently sized magazine into the hands of Preston commuters, residents & students. It also falls on to the doormats of city-centre homes & organisations; those on the doorstep of your business.

As well as being available via our online bookshelf and visible across our social media accounts, we print and distribute at least two thousand units of each edition (guaranteed). *Please ask with respect to a specific publication as numbers, dates and themes can vary – up to 10k units for our most popular editions – at no extra cost to the advertiser. We can also create special editions which revolve around the needs and aspirations of large organisations (See our Preston Pride 2017 edition)



Whilst Podio’s content is gender-neutral & aimed to the mass adult market in Preston, below are characteristics of who we believe to be some of our most frequent readers, based on feedback & observations. It is worth noting that the magazine is handed out to anyone appearing to be over the age of 17yrs. They are also available freely from our vendors.




Mature student at UCLan

Enjoys shopping & dining out

Lives locally with friends




Professional worker

Drives in to Preston daily

Shops in city centre during lunch




Travels via the Park & Ride

Visits Preston regularly

Appreciates offers & discounts

Another testimonial

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Podio on design & print elements. Having been the first time we’ve worked together on a campaign of this nature, we found them to be more than helpful, talented & committed. This was evidenced in the quality of work they produced on our behalf. We’d happily recommend them to any organisation requiring services of their nature.”

- Mark Whittle, Preston City Centre BID Manager

Other Advertising methods

Advertise on our website

Advertise on our website: £150 for the remainder of 2019. (No VAT, nor hidden charges – sign up before the end of the month.

Contact us now to arrange.

Vendors - Distributing


In addition to our street team & door-to-door delivery, we work with PR1 organisations who display Podio for the public & their workforce. Visit our dedicated Vendors’ page, here. Discounts are available if you’re in a position to share our seasonal publication too – get in touch.

Media Pack

Media pack & prices

We promise never to bother you with sales pitches.

Request our 2019 Media Pack.