Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s the Harris Museum, Art Gallery & Library’s summer exhibition of all things Comic Art.


From 23rd June to 23rd September there will be a Comics take-over at the Harris in Preston;  watch out for superheroes zooming, ker-powing and whacking in this amazing selection of comic art, and maybe try creating some yourself.  From British favourites such as Roy of the Rovers and Minnie the Minx to drawings by British artist Ian Churchill of Superman, Wonderwoman et al, there will be something for everyone. Ian works for Marvel and DC Comics so this is a great chance to see his artwork up close.


As well as the artwork on display, there will be many events running in conjunction with the exhibition throughout the summer so all the family can get involved in creating their very own characters and superheroes. More information is available at:, or visit the Harris to find out what’s happening this summer.


Photographs and Images courtesy of Seven Stories The National Centre for Children’s Books



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