“…Served as a medical soldier in the British Armed Forces, retired early due to injury & mental health problems, went on to publish his own book to raise £87,000 for charity.”


It isn’t often you meet someone and,within moments, admire and feel totally inspired by them. That’s what happened to us at a recent event atUCLan’s Media Factory. Jay Allen wasa guest speaker who shared more than just a story; he sold hope.


Whilst serving his twelfth year in the armed forces he was injured; unable to return to his post. His mental health deteriorated and, before he knew it, he was receiving care from Combat Stress – at a total cost to the charity of £87,000..


Whenever notifying potential employers of his mental health history, job interviews would fall silent. Determined to work, he got a job cutting grass; the grass of the Managing Director for a national high street chain in fact. The MD was so impressed with Jay’s work ethic & precision that, within months, he offered Jay a top job in the company.


Suddenly his life was back on track. Before long, he started up on his own & launched a business supporting other businesses(www.MyTrueNORTH.Biz).


Whilst working on this project & giving presentations, he learned that he was going blind & needed immediate treatment. For just over two weeks he had
a bandage covering his eyes, to allow his bad eye to recover. During this time, and to keep him sane…


…he spoke his life story, his knowledge & life lessons, into a Dictaphone and later passed it on to a scribe. A book was soon published, which would go on to win national awards.


As if all of this isn’t inspiring enough, he committed to raising £87,000 for, and awareness of, the ex-services mental welfare charity, Combat Stress. His book would be the tool to achieve this. To date, he has raised close to a million pounds for various charities. And he isn’t stopping there; his new target is now to raise £10,000,000 for Combat Stress.

Whilst YouInspire aims to focus on people based in Preston citycentre, we couldn’t help but dedicate September’s edition to this award-winning author & Regional Ambassador for UK charity, Combat Stress. To learn more about Jay’s story or to buy a copy of his book, visit www.battlefield2boardroom.co.uk – We wish Jay the best of luck with his £10,000,000 target – and we look forward to seeing him in Preston again soon.