PODIO UPDATE: PodioMagazine.com will be offline until w/e 20.01.2017 as we merge our two platforms together; we currently have this main Podio website and also a business-to-business orientated one for potential advertisers. After assessing feedback received in the autumn months, we’ve decided that, for simplicity we will now merge the two.

“We’re confident that it’ll help make 2017 a great year for Podio because, in addition to the new website, we’ve also committed to publishing & distributing all four seasonal editions’ explains co-founder, Luke Parker. “And the new site should help get our updates out much more effectively as well as all the good news about Preston. Once it’s launched, be sure to give us your thoughts on social media”.

As if a shiny new website isn’t enough to focus on, we’ve also changed the name of our official company name (from Parker & Neale to Global Amigos) We believe this better reflects the ethos of us as a company and represents those who work with us much more appropriately; instead of the name placing a focus on the founders, it now emphasises the team spirit – our friends.


Global Amigos, as a company, currently operates three projects. For more information about our parent company, visit globalamigos.org.uk. If you like the sound of what we do and want to get on board yourself, get in touch. We appreciate support of any nature and are always happy to explore new projects & partnerships in Preston.