Are you old enough to remember October 1969? Almost 50 years ago,


Things were very different in the UK. A new, seven-sided coin worth 50 new pence had been introduced in preparation for the decimalisation of the currency [which was still a couple of years away!]. A new comedy show appeared on the BBC – Monty Python’s Flying Circus. On 12th October 1969, Bobbie Gentry was at No1 in the UK charts with I’ll Never Fall In Love Again, and, in Preston, a brand new bus station was opened. Love it or loathe it, you can’t deny that Preston Bus Station has played a major role in the lives of Prestonians over the last 50 years.


To commemorate this historic anniversary, from  21 September – 24 November the Harris will be staging an exhibition of the bus station’s history, in collaboration with In Certain Places. They have already held special drop-in exhibitions for people to bring any souvenirs or recount their memories, as the main focus will be people’s involvement with the building. Perhaps we will see items bought from the shops which were there in the early years? Maybe people will have bumped into celebrities and have photos against the bus station’s backdrop? Or even some memories of meeting loved ones there? Whatever the people of Preston have brought along, it will all tell a very personal story of how this iconic building has played such a huge part in the life of the city.


Alongside the exhibition, there will be events at the bus station itself: performances, talking heads installations and new artwork are planned to complement the exhibition.  If you have any photos or memories, why not share them with the team at Podio? We’d love to feature them on our Social Media pages.

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