Hello & welcome to Preston’s community & lifestyle magazine that celebrates the good!


Podio PR1 targets everyone working, visiting & living in the city centre. Whether you’ve been handed this on the street or you’ve picked it up from one of our partner organisations, hello to you! Wherever you are, welcome on board. This is our trial edition so please get in touch & give your feedback, good or bad, in private or publicly once you’ve flicked through the pages that follow.


Preston born & bred, I’ve recently returned from six months international development work. As part of the government-funded project, we are required to do something worthwhile on our return to the UK. This magazine is my attempt at ‘something worthwhile’ (…I’ll let you be the judges of how successful it’s been/likely to be!)


We’ve never done anything like this before so please forgive us if you spot any errors. To be honest, these last eight weeks have been hectic; we’ve moved into new office space, attended crash courses across Lancashire, pulled a team of friends, family members & strangers together (all of whom share the same vision) and ultimately turned a distant fantasy into the prototype you’re now holding. We don’t have infinite amounts of finance so, if you run a local organisation & see value in what we’re doing, please do consider being part of future editions – next month we’re distributing 20,000 units to target the Freshers in addition to you lovely people. We are passionate about growing local business just as much as celebrating the good in the city. Another aim is to give local charities a platform on which to share their work. The world is riddled with negativity & that bothers us.


Podio plans to inspire; to add hope to your day. We truly believe that the world is a beautiful place – if people choose to see it. Preston is a beautiful place – if people choose to see it. I hope you choose to read on & visit podiomagazine.com occasionally, so you can see just how beautiful many individuals & communities in this city are.


Peace, love, and enjoy!


Andy Neale – editor & co-founder

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