Editors Letter


Since I’m no longer in the UK, as part of my research for this edition I’ve had to fl ip through old copies of Podio Preston to try to keep the diversity of content in check. I have to say, printed magazines (and the digital versions too) are pretty special aren’t they!? As well as celebrating current affairs they’re a great tool for reminiscing and remembering. When I launched our little publication, I knew I was entering a
declining industry (printed publications) For me though, a fan of the written word and a lover of community engagement, I felt it necessary to pursue & persevere.


Nearly three years on, and despite now living on a different continent, this pocket of positivity continues to fill me with pride; pride for my home town, pride for the achievements and aspirations of those in the city, and pride towards the team of absolute superstars who pedal away in the background to keep everything going.


We might only be a small community project, and now a fledgling community interest
company, but with key supporters like Preston’s College, the Harris Museum and Preston Central Methodist Church (plus ongoing back up support from Global Amigos and our affiliates) preparations are already underway for 2020’s print runs.


I clearly love Preston – but I need help sharing what you love. Please send in your press
releases, your best snaps of the city, of the tastiest dishes in the quirkiest restaurants, of
the hidden gems which are significant to you…


The actual translation of Podio is podium, or platform; the idea being that this is a platform for individuals, community members, creatives and business owners – like you.
My direct email is andy@globalamigos.org.uk. I genuinely look forward to hearing from you.


Andy Neale

Nb. I’ve been tasked by the volunteers to share an update about Thailand – so I’ve slipped a few photos into this edition. Apologies in advance! 😉

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