Well folks, nothing’s set in stone by a long stretch, but I feel like my time as editor here needs to come to an end in the next year – or that I, at least, need to start sharing this task with a Preston-based Deputy Editor. My firstsemester teaching in Thailand ended in March, I’ve had the most incredible couple of months travelling. I’ve now returned to the Land of Smiles to teach at a new school.


As I’ve put this edition together, all I’ve been able to think about is the wonderful time I continue to have on this side of the world – and I’m getting distracted by ideas of a Podio Bangkok and the ongoing desire to publish my travel memoirs; something I am prioritising this year.


Either way, given the reason I set up Podio was to encourage and celebrate the good in my own community, I feel more and more distanced (and even hypocritical) as I continue to focus on a life here in the tropics. Since I don’t live on Facebook nor Messenger, Snapchat nor other time consuming (and, in my opinion, soul-destroying social media apps), I’ve also struggled to engage
with new recruits that have come onboard since I left. And that isn’t right.


As the months pass, feelings may change but consider this a shout out for anyone who may be interested in taking up editorial duties for Podio Preston. It’s a voluntary position which requires heaps of commitment. The main benefit is becoming part of a beautiful and diverse group of people, who work on the publication alongside other commitments. If, like me, you blog or have other business interests, it’s also a good way to promote these occasionally. (Speaking of which, when you’re next in the market to book a hotel, buy a mattress, or are moving home, check out globalamigo.co.uk/money-making-machine)
See what I mean? ; )


Now to what you’re here for… WELCOME to the Summer 2019 edition of our positive pocketsized publication! It’s out earlier than usual due to the Lancashire Science Festival at UCLan (SCIFEST). If free activities are your thing, be sure to check out this fab event! There’s also the Vikings exhibition at the Harris. If inspiration’s more what you’re seeking today then we have loads – flick through to our piece on Meet N Match (an absolute heart melter) our Further Afield piece – from my best pal and fellow teacher here in Thailand, and our YouInspire spread; dedicated to one of our beautifully inspiring volunteers (who’s not long been out of
hospital). Karen love, I miss you and wish I could be with you right now : (


Preston, I miss you too – although the Great Wall of China’s been a nice distraction.


Peace and love people, and keep focusing on the good ❤

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