A look at mental health


How are you doing this festive season? How have you felt for the past few weeks? Honestly. Stressed? Depressed? Full of excitement & joy..?


Since our last edition, it’s been World Mental Health Day. Also, given the time of year, Seasonal Affective Disorder may have been a conversation topic at some point, and, since suicide rates rise around Christmas & New Year, I feel it necessary to address a personal & often diffi cult issue: At least 1 in 4 of us suffer from mental health problems. And if we don’t directly live with it, the chances are we’re close to people who do.


I’ve had challenges with my own mental health since my teenage years. It’s what pushes me to travel, to volunteer and to start projects like Podio & Global Amigos. My family, like most, has been directly affected by self-harm & suicide over the years (like others, I’ve been in situations far too dark to share here). But, whilst social media allows people to open up about their struggles or
support campaigns like #WorldMentalHealthDay,


I’ve struggled to accept myself that, whenever lifechanging events have occurred, running away or suicide categorically feel like my only options. And that’s not right. Recently I’ve adopted a different approach and I’d like to use this as an opportunity to share it. The points over the page are neither eye-opening nor unheard of. If you’re in a good place right now, it may be worth reading to prepare for if, or when, you or a loved one does end up struggling.


As the world unites to embark on a fresh year, I hope the more fortunate amongst us truly use their positions for the betterment of others.


Merry Christmas Preston, and all the best for 2018.

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