Editors Letter


(I write, as I lay in my rocking chair in the 30 degree heat…)


Here’s to a Fab festive season! Remember, if you feel isolated or down at any point, call our friends at the Samaritans – we’ve slipped in one of their campaign posters on the inside rear cover.


Not that I’m complaining but there’ll be no Christmas for me this year. Being a Buddhist nation, Thailand doesn’t celebrate it. (I’ll actually be teaching on Christmas Day and Boxing Day…) That said, I’ve loved following my hometown’s updates online (most improved city in the UK? Hear hear!)


Scrolling through the events and venue listings at Preston At Night is also exciting: what a time it’s been since our last edition?! Plau bar has finally opened after having its doors closed for more than a century (and a mediaeval well being discovered during the refurb!)


Our city’s new pie hotspot, the Otter’s Pocket, has opened on Cannon Street and the Northern Way has launched on Friargate –
featuring some fabulous decor and graffiti art. I’m loving my time here in South East Asia – but my love for this city has definitely stayed strong.


What do you love most about Preston? Did you enjoy the Christmas Concert and Lights Switch on with Corrie’s David Platt? Get in touch via our socials and let me know!


Thank you for picking this edition up, for passing it on or leaving it out for others to enjoy – or for visiting us online! I truly hope 2019 gives you all you need and desire.


Peace and love – from a faraway land,


Andy Neale

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