A non-stop powerhouse of energy and drive; meet Sana Iqbal from the University of Central Lancashire’s students’ union.

A proud Muslim woman from a Pakistani heritage, Sana is passionate about creating interfaith dialogue on campus, improving access for students from a widening participation background & believes that education is an irreplaceable gift to empower people to do great things.


From her first year at UCLan, Sana has worked hard to improve life for students & the wider community.  Alongside her degree in Pharmacy, she took on various volunteer roles including Chair of Students’ Council, Faith Representative as well as tirelessly helping to organise events through the Islamic Society to raise awareness & fundraise for many charities & causes. One of the many roles she has been involved in is as founder of the Refugees Welcome campaign. This undertaking received support from all over the area & went on to collect two van loads of vitally needed supplies for the people caught in the turmoil of the Calais Jungle. These were safely delivered with the help of the university.

During her final year of studies, Sana ran for the position of President of the Students’ Union & was elected to the position for 2016/17. During this year she has been working closely with the University Masterplan team who are overseeing the exciting developments aimed at building more integration between the city & campus. She is passionate about ensuring the needs of the multi-cultural student population are met & has been closely involved in the design of the campus’s new Oasis Faith & Spirituality Centre, where students of all faiths & none can find a place of peace & reflection or prayer.

Recently, Sana was re-elected to the position of SU President for 2017/18, but as officers can only hold a post for a maximum of two years she will be stepping down in summer 2018. What are her plans & dreams for the future? We’ll leave the last word to Sana herself:


University is an unforgettable experience that truly has the ability to change your life. I valued every chance I was given to help others & would advise anyone currently studying or thinking about Higher Education to seize the opportunity & make a change in themselves, their community or even the world!”

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