Last Friday of every month

Spark is a true story-telling club established in London 14 years ago. It’s been in Preston for the past few years. Their Mission? To connect people through true story-telling.

At Spark events, attendees hear personal stories, not by professional storytellers, but by anyone with one to share.  Expect to be surprised & moved.

Spark first came to the city in 2013 as a part of the Preston Tringe Festival at Korova Café. The three rules for participants / story tellers are:

1)       Your story must be true;

2)       It must have happened to you & be told in the first person;

3)       Be shared within a maximum of five minutes

Spark organiser, Rebecca, tells Podio Preston how they had ‘lots of convivial story evenings at Korova’. She continues, ‘Luckily, for over a year now, Richard and his team have offered a welcoming space at Ham & Jam Coffee Shop’.

We at Podio Preston and Global Amigos HQ have been to a few now – and we highly recommend it. They’re intimate, interesting and inspiring.

Each month, the storytellers are guided by a different theme. Over the 20+ shows so far, these have included Journey, Obsession, Trouble & Regret. How the teller interprets such titles is up to them; Spark is not a competition.

The audience are welcome to share their own stories as the evening goes on, usually inspired by something they’ve heard that triggers a memory.

Entry is always free here in Preston, but the group do encounter costs, so a voluntary donation bucket is available should attendees wish to help make Preston a more interesting place to live.

Due to the adult nature of some of the stories, and the fact that content isn’t checked in advance, Spark events are limited to over 18s.